Mike Pares

Home inspector for 21 years

Mike Pares Bio

Hello to all active and future users of Scribeware! My name is Mike Paris, and I have been a Home Inspector for 21 years. Out of those 21 years, 18 of them, I continued my pursuit for a reporting platform that I felt would give me the professional results that my clients deserved. You know, a report that felt and read like it was written just for them.

ScribeWare allows each home inspector to give out our best reports. Professional results to your clients.

Since I am a software enthusiast, I have designed templates to give you the most precious commodity, time! Check out our templates, our personal pursuit of writing the best reports as quickly as possible.

Scriber’s Notes

Mike is an app guy. He loves apps and software and experiments with just about any app he can get his hands on to see how it can make him a better inspector or how it can help him work more efficiently. Reach out to Mike for all-around home inspection questions as he is a veteran in the industry. He can also help with app consultations, template customization as well as one-on-one consulting with his own templates. He has been invaluable to the development of ScribeWare, especially the mobile version.

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