ScribeWare FAQ

We know that switching inspection report software is a big deal. We also know you probably have questions. With that in mind, we’ve put together our most frequently asked questions right here.

Of course, if you have a question that you don’t see on this list, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  See the Apple Store and Play Store for a Free download. 

Absolutely not! We designed ScribeWare to be intuitive and easy to use. Most users create excellent reports right away, with no instruction. But we’re happy to do a quick, personalized one-on-one virtual training session with you if you’d like.  Simply email, and we’ll get back to you right away to set up a Zoom call.

ScribeWare desktop runs on both Windows and Mac!   The mobile version runs on iOS and Android devices. 

We are here to help. We know that technology can be frustrating, and we want to make your experience as easy as possible. We have even built in a “get help,” button that contacts our support team instantly and sends them trace logs to help them diagnose any issues that might arise quickly and accurately.

We continually back up your reports, templates, and libraries to the cloud.  Lose your computer? Log into your account and find your software, templates, libraries and past inspections, all right where you left them.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  We have been approached by many different companies who want to use your home inspection data.  We believe the information gathered during a home inspection belongs to our clients and is not ours to use and re-sell. We are serious about maintaining the privacy of your and your client’s data.

After your free period, your credit card will be charged approximately once per month or so based on the number of reports you’ve published, depending on your subscription. Please note that you can create as many reports as you want; we only charge for those that have gone through the publishing process. This allows newer inspectors to practice and only pay for the ones you are getting paid for.

Reports are saved to your hard drive under Documents\ScribeWare\Inspections, and to the cloud.  You can preview a report by clicking the “Preview” button, or see the one that’s posted online once it has been published by clicking the “Report URL” on the Client and Property Information section. This video will show you how this works.

Common questions about ScribeWare features

Yes, ScribeWare has a flexible template that allows you to add as many sections or chapters as you like. 10 bathrooms? No problem. 5 water heaters? No problem. 12 Sub-panels? You have a rough day of inspecting in front of you, but we’ve got the report writing covered. You can build a single template with any chapter or section you may need, and if you do not fill any data into a chapter or section, it will not print in the final report. 

With the ScribeWare system, your narrative library is divided into two sections: the main library and the photo captions library. This speeds up all types of report writing, but especially when reporting on complex systems such as decks, electrical, or siding, where you have lots of individual observations about a single system. 

In ScribeWare you can instantly build lists of photo captions to any narrative. This allows you to create beautiful narratives that are simultaneously vague and specific. Start with a vague general statement such as: the electrical system requires further evaluation by a licensed electrical contractor. Then add a detailed list of bullets below your general statement showing why you are recommending additional inspection. 

Gunnysacking is a report writing technique that allows the inspector to group a collection of findings into a single narrative. Whenever you have a system that has multiple issues with the same system, such as a deck, or the electrical system, the gunny sacking approach can save you time, reduce your liability, and produce an easier-to-read inspection report. ScribeWare has literally designed a platform to master the art of the gunnysacking. 

We employ a unique algorithm to help you sift through your library and select the observation you want quickly and easily. Report writing is as simple as a google-like keyword search. On most inspections, 90% of the report can be written by just typing a few words.

Our system is constantly backing up all of your data on our services. We are also constantly running new updates and improving the system. This type of reliability and innovation requires a subscription model to keep all the pieces working reliably.