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Block Houses

ScribeWare co-founder Dylan Chalk started sharing his knowledge to the home inspection community through a blog, podcast, and continuing education classes long before he and his buddy Steve Lamb started to build the best inspection software that could be built. And he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The reality is that sharing professional best practices with the home inspection community at large is central to the whole point of ScribeWare: build the best inspection report software, and build it with templates, pre-written comments, and prompts so that it actually helps inspectors be better at their job.


Work smarter, not harder.



What is the Deal with Houses Built From Concrete Blocks? Identification Concrete Masonry Block [CMU] Construction is easily identified as the perimeter walls are built from concrete blocks. Sometimes when the exterior is covered by siding and the interior is covered by wallboard, you cannot see the blocks. In these cases try looking at the jamb extensions of the windows and doors. A masonry block house will have thick jamb extensions at windows and doors as they need to cover...
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