A simple flexible platform

  • Run multiple computers on 1 subscription
  • Complete your reports offline
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Cloud syncing so you can start reports in the field and finish them in your office
  • Customizable report templates for any type of inspection
  • Embedded pest inspection features can be turned on or off
  • Helpful re-inspection feature making it easy to report on completed projects
  • One-item and limited inspection templates

The best looking inspection reports

  • ScribeWares’ industry-leading interactive html reports
  • Reports can be sent as HTML links, printed to PDF or paper
  • Streaming videos
  • Hot links to present deep information
  • Color coded observations
  • Easy to understand qualifiers
  • Crisp photos

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The easiest user-interface

  • The easiest photo importing, captions and drawing tools available
  • ScribeWare’s “pictures as notes” feature for easy field data collection
  • Intuitive library interface
  • ScribeWare’s revolutionary keyword library interface - a huge time saver
  • ScribeWare’s title search, for observations that have subtle differences
  • ScribeWare’s unique photo caption insert feature - a huge time-saver for complex observations

The most professional language and presentation

The best stock home inspection library in the industry written by a home inspector who is also a published author.

Comprehensive auto-summary page–saves time, reduces liability and results in easy-to-read reports for your clients and realtors.

Unparalleled  Security

  • Cloud backup for all of your reports, library and templates - never lose data
  • ScribeWare will not sell your data!

Unlimited Support

  • Personalized help to set up your templates and answer your questions
  • Free support and upgrades
  • Easy updates right from the app
  • Feedback and trouble-shooting features built right into the app
  • Monthly subscribers get free design help for your templates