What’s new in ScribeWare


  • Updated manufacturers list for Hot Water heaters and Furnaces
  • Added field for indicating water temperature in the Hot Water Heater section
  • Various other field and default updates based on user feedback!


  • Added new Pools and Spas chapter


  • Added ability to hide media panel
  • Invoice items are now editable inline.
  • Reformatted client info page for better readability on smaller screens
  • Optimized application for quicker startup and usage.


  • Added visual indicator to videos used in an inspection.


  • New!   Media bar.    View photos on your hard drive or SD card directly within ScribeWare!
  • Drag and drop to an observation, or on to the front page of the report
  • Used photos appear as “checked” in the sidebar
  • Updated and modernized the navigation interface
  • Email us at support@getscribeware.com if you have any thoughts or suggestions on the new functionality!!


  • Fixed issue with reports marked as “Invoice” defaulting to “Paid”.



  • Fixed issue with videos uploading to the wrong place when the report date changes.


  •  Added in-app notifications of new ScribeWare updates, plus an easier way to install those updates!
  • Improved uploading process.


  • Added client and agent email tracking.
  • Added “Copy emails to clipboard” link.    Clicking this adds the client and agent email(s) to your clipboard for easy pasting (ctrl-v) in the “to” line of an email.